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PT-19 Front

The past in a Present, History comes to life through a gift of flight

*must be 12 years or older*

Army Air Corps Pilots.jpeg

Go back in time and experience a day in the life of a new Army Air Corps Cadet.  You will receive a preflight briefing that will cover the engine and systems of the Fairchild PT-19 known as the "Cradle of Heroes".  You will participate in the preflight and walk-around required before each flight.

Climb aboard and strap in. Once you are securely strapped in you will receive a cockpit safety briefing.  You will be fitted with your flight helmet, goggles and headset so that you can talk to your pilot through out the flight.

After a warm up and safety check it's time to line up.  After one last check your pilot will advance the throttle causing the smooth sound of the 200hp Ranger engine to come to life.  As you accelerate the tail gently lifts and in no time you are free of the earth's grasp. 


Like so many Army Air Corps Cadets before you, you are now on your way to becoming a fighter pilot.  The earth below you, the wind in your face and the tremendous pride knowing those that sat in this very seat went on to fly P-40s and P-51s in the Pacific and European theaters.

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