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The Music City Wing offers a cadet program which introduces young people to the Commemorative Air Force (CAF). The program's purpose is to demonstrate the many opportunities young members have in the aviation community while they contribute to the success of the wing's mission. The cadet program provides contact and networking in addition to its field trips and education opportunities.

The cadet program is a learning journey designed to expose the cadet to
•Aeronautics    •Theory of flight     •Flight simulator time             •Aviation history
•Teamwork       •Engineering          •Fabrication skills                    •Ride in and work on cool airplanes
•Safety              •Leadership            •Flight training scholarship


Cadet Requirements: Ages 13-17
                                                    Aviation enthusiasm

                                                Cost $50.00

CAF Membership, including
• Digital Magazine
• Cadet T-shirt

For more information, contact:

Douglas Hill, Education Officer at (931) 252-8827

Meet the Music City Education Team

James Davis
Wing Commander

James is one of the founders of the Music City Wing. He holds a pilot certificate
with an instrument rating. Being a CEO of an aviation-related business, he is passionate
about warbirds and the CAF's mission to educate, inspire and honor. He is committed to
passing his love for aviation on to the next generation of aviators.



Douglas Hill
Education Officer

Doug grew up around airplanes, spending a lot of time at the airport helping with
his father’s business of restoring antique aircraft. He holds an ATP certificate as well as
a flight instructor certificate for single and multiengine aircraft. He holds an airframe
and powerplant certificate in addition to an IA certificate. He has been chief flight
instructor for several schools, having given over 3000 hours of flight instruction. He has
flown a number of general aviation airplanes from a Piper Cub to a Beechcraft Starship.
He is passionate about the CAF's mission to pass the love and knowledge of aviation
along to the next generation of aviators.


Will Rondeau
Cadet Scholarship Coordinator

Will started in aviation at a young age flying with his dad, a corporate chief pilot.
He soloed at age 15, earning his pilot license. He would go on to fly corporate aircraft
for 15 years. He worked for a legacy airline for 33 years and retired as a 747 captain.
He currently is a simulator instructor in the ERJ-700 for MTSU. He is passionate about
the CAF's mission to pass the love and knowledge of aviation along to the next
generation of aviators.


Nelson Willis
Wing Operation Officer

Nelson's aviation journey started in high school while working at the airport. He
began instructing at age 19. He holds an airframe and power plant certificate along with
his pilot certificates. He flew charter for several years in many aircraft including
Learjets and King Airs. He currently flies an Airbus 320 to South America and Europe for
a major airline. He loves warbirds and is passionate about passing the love of these
aircraft along to the next generation of aviators.


Bruce Thomas
Wing Maintenance Officer

Bruce was introduced to aviation while flying RC airplanes with his father. He
soloed his first glider at 14 and powered aircraft at 16. He is rated in both single engine
and multiengine aircraft. Along with his flight instructor rating, he holds an airframe and
powerplant certificate. He is currently employed at FedEx Express as a captain on the B-
757.  He loves warbirds and is passionate about the CAF's mission to pass the love and
knowledge of aviation along to the next generation of aviators.


Bryce Zabric
Cadet Scholarship Vice Chair


Bryce was introduced to aviation at an early age, thanks to his family's
involvement in the airline industry and his home's location along a flight path. At age
12, he joined the Civil Air Patrol and worked for an aerial sign company during high
school. After graduating, he enlisted in the Air Force, where he became an airplane
mechanic, specializing in B-1 bombers, C-5 Galaxies, and various other military aircraft.

In 2021, he obtained his private pilot license and quickly followed with his tailwheel
sign-off. Currently, he serves in the Air National Guard as a Public Health NCOIC. Bryce
is dedicated to the CAF's mission, which enables him to preserve historic aircraft and
inspire the next generation of aviators.


Jimmy Pogue
Adjutant to the Wing

Jimmy was introduced to aviation in high school by a friend. He earned his
private pilot license after college. He has done some parachute jumping and is an
accomplished glider pilot. He loves to take rides in warbirds and has flown in everything
from a Ford Trimotor to a P-51 Mustang. He is passionate about the CAF's mission to
preserve airplanes that define our rich history and is committed to sharing this passion
with the next generation of aviators.

Devereaux Cannon
Development Officer

Dev is our newest private pilot in the wing, earning his private pilot license in
October of 2023. Being taken to airshows by his parents when he was young, his love
came early for warbirds and the history of how they made this country great. The CAF
allows him to share his love for aviation and his passion for these historic aircraft with
the next generation of aviators who join the cadet program.

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